R2-D2: Beneath The Dome
R2-D2: Beneath The Dome For the first time on DVD, the complete R2-D2: BENEATH THE DOME Mockumentary lifts the lid of silence and explores the never-before-told history of the real star of the STAR WARS saga... Artoo Detoo.

Learn about his humble roots in rural England, his unyielding hinger for fame, and how his determination overcame a Hollywood that had long discriminated against Droids. Told in three parts, the documentary unearths never-before-seen footage and interviews to tell the story. Featuring George Lucas, Samuel L. Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola, and more. R2-D2: BENEATH THE DOME will bring smiles and laughter to your galaxy.

Dolby Pro Logic - Engels

20 minuten

Aantal Disks: 1

Special Features:

  • Complete Three-Part Mockumentary
  • Anamorphic Widescreen (Aspect Ratio 1.78:1)
  • Audio: English Stereo

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